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Zoomy offers an innovative way to travel by connecting passengers and drivers purely via their smartphones.

The Challenge

However shortly after their launch the app faced several issues that affected Zoomy’s ability to perform in the long run. Provided by offshore developers the original app encountered various structural issues that made it difficult for users to navigate as well failed to meet important security requirements.

Having seen our past work Zoomy contacted us for help with the rebuild and redesign of their app to align it with their business goals.


We underwent a complete restructure of Zoomy’s app along with the design and development of a customised dashboard and architecture.

To ensure the app was user friendly we decided to create two native iOS and Android apps to provide a unique and simplified experience for passengers and drivers. Through different features and design, passengers and drivers are tailored to appropriately but still connect back to the same server for management ease.

The API driven backend allows this connection through email recognition. When registering, the emails of Zoomy drivers are separately stored allowing identification between passengers and drivers. Recognising this, the server then directs users enabling them to access the appropriate corresponding app.

Zoomy’s taxi partners have been divided into Corporate, Standard or Economy options that passengers can chose among depending on their personal needs and budget. A favourites bar where destinations such as a passenger’s work or home can be saved has been integrated in addition to saving information on past rides which can be accessed to repeat or reverse routes.

Incorporating Zoomy’s specialised service in airport transfers was implemented through adding a default feature on the home screen which calculates a fixed fare based on the passengers chosen pick up location. Passengers can also book up to three days prior securing them a taxi and add promotional codes to discount their ride.

Safety was of paramount concern when designing the app. By working with existing taxi companies and licensed drivers Zoomy focuses on providing a more trusted service.

To support this passengers can now obtain a description of their taxi along with a photo of their driver and map to view their location.

Feedback on the driver provided by other Zoomy passengers is also given and monitored by Zoomy staff through the dashboard to ensure a safe trip.


Bronze at the Best Design Awards The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase recognising excellence in design in New Zealand. The Zoomy app was awarded with a Best Design Bronze award within the Interactive Category for Applications. Alongside this Zoomy’s app has be recognised as New Zealand’s top travel app for iPhone during its release where it reached 11,000 downloads in its first month.

From startup to fully fledged business. Over the years we have seen Zoomy go from the little startup that we had created with James/Neil to a big company that has raised additional investment and delivered real traction here in New Zealand.