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Visa are the one of the worlds largest card issuers and deliver a payment method for a large number of financial institutions around the world. We were lucky enough to work with their team’s and API and create a small business initiative to stay on top of your business spending.

The Challenge

Small business owners often allocate credit cards to their staff for day to day business spending. Negative cashflow can have a catastrophic effect on any business and heavy internal spending can easily lead to major issues. This spending has to be monitored carefully.

After talking with owners and operators we found very few felt they were on top of this. Many knew it was an issue and would love someone to tell them but felt they didn’t have the time to track.

We had an opportunity here to deliver a more transparent view of spending within a business and address issues around overspending within a company. This would give an owner a high level overview of there staff spending and give them piece of mind around any fraudulent activity.


We created a web app that let you add your credit cards and link them with owners inside your organisation. By leveraging the app Plus by ASB we could then issue notifications on mobile to identify any potential fraudulent activity. That way an owner could temporarily suspend a card when one of their staff had gone ‘rogue’ with spending.

Plus by ASB could also provide interesting insights on the platform to let a person know their staff spending habits and keep on top of spending in the long term.