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Telefonica is one of Europe’s largest broadband and telecommunications providers. It has over 120,000 employees situated all over the globe and is the 44th biggest company in the world.

The Challenge

Because of their size Telefonica were needing more visualisation and control of communication throughout employees within their own company.

The company is spread across a large number of time zones and the staff were having trouble assessing availability of others, not to mention things were getting costly over a cellular network rather than a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service.

Due to the sheer size of the company they wanted to explore how they could create their own internal method for communications to improve visibility, reduce cost and increase security.


Telefonica joined forces with us to develop their own VOIP calling, messaging and conferencing iPhone application for their employees.

To reach and be adapted by their employees across all of their offices a natively built iOS app was required. The use of the app is aimed at conducting internal communications with colleagues both domestically and abroad. This was in response to the need to replace Telefonica’s existing intra-company mobile communication tools which were proving to be costly to the organisation.

Through a set of collaborative features the app also offers a more enjoyable experience for its users.

The app is split across the main home screen, the contact screen, calling, messaging, conferencing features and the app settings. First time users are guided through the app via a tutorial which is available when a user first enters the app. From there users are encouraged to enter their details including their work hours and their location. Contacts can then be imported from existing contact lists or users can send invites out to new contacts.

Users are then redirected to the main home screen which appears as a dashboard summarising all current activity and recent communication history. The home screen also provides direct access to all key functions to navigate the app. Search, contact lists, calling, conferencing and messaging tasks can all be initiate from the home screen.

To aid communications within these large corporations filters can be applied allowing certain people, groups and departments to be easily located. Each user’s availability based on their working hours set in their profile is displayed to show the best time to reach them. Similarly the app takes into account each user’s location and timezone when showcasing their availability Another feature that was used was the integration of localisation.

Due to the global size of the project we designed the app with the intention to translated the app into a range of languages. Through the implementation of a simple design that could be understood across different languages and cultures localisation was successfully adapted into the app. Localisation was employed to ensure that all employees using the app had a good user experience.