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Superette is THE store to find the latest and greatest designer fashion from New Zealand and around the world. They have a fantastic reputation in retail and are currently expanding their offering further into New Zealand and Australian territories.

The Challenge

They had been getting increased demand to deliver a more personalised experience for their loyal audience. The engagement statistics were showing that more and more of their shoppers were using mobile but conversion to sales on device was not as high as on desktop.

We set out to swing this stat back in mobiles favour and blaze a new path forward for Superette.


The Superette brand has predominantly female customer and a large portion of their online audience were on the iPhone. We identified this and for initial launch settled on an iPhone app to aid a better discovery, search and buying experience for the user.

We focussed on getting the basics of eCommerce right first. Ben (our Co-founder and Chief Design Officer) had worked at (and on the eBay redesign) so knew this territory inside out and with our design team and the Superette team delivered a simplistic experience to drive a core buying experience.

Developed natively against the Magento eCommerce solution we worked with the internal team (and our buddies at Overdose digital) to define API endpoints for the app. Payments were against the Braintree gateway which backed into Magento and meant we could reduce frictions around transactions.

Aesthetically we kept true to the minimal / clean approach Superette have become known for and added areas of high contrasting blacks to help with separation.