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SpotOn Surgical are a company set up to provide a clearer bridge between healthcare suppliers and medical staff in the United States.

The Challenge

Over the last decade there has been significant advances in equipment, products and surgical tools which has made accessing and processing up to date information more complex and time consuming for health professionals.

Difficulties in accessing on and off site support from medical suppliers were also arising limiting medical staff’s ability to deliver the best service to their patients.

We helped Spot On Surgical by developing a mobile platform to easily connect healthcare suppliers and medical staff at realtime to relay product information and industry related news. This resulted in the development of an iPad Portal App for hospital staff alongside complementary iOS and Android user apps for on the move suppliers.


To create a complete mobile platform that met all users needs a combination of an iOS iPad Portal App and iOS and Android smartphone apps were created.

The use of the two platforms was to serve two main users: medical staff and healthcare sales representatives. The iPad app was designed for healthcare facilities and their staff whereas the smartphone apps were designed for sales representatives supplying medical equipment and medications. To cater each group’s needs more effectively the apps differ in design and development however communicate with each other seamlessly.

We designed the Portal iPad app to become the hub of SpotOn’s operations serving as a complete library of resources for healthcare users. The app stores a range of content from news media, product information in the form of instructions and video displays and tips for the best practices for use and the cleaning of products.

We added a search feature which users can refine their search by speciality, supplier or product lines. When searching for suppliers users can view by popularity based on the frequency that the content is viewed and feedback received or alphabetically. From there users can watch videos, print images and email PDFs to save for future use.

Each supplier has their own customised profile to provide in depth product content and contact information which can be used via the Connect feature.

The Connect feature allows for immediate contact between users through the apps. Expert information can be easily accessed in real time through video and audio communications. This allows for immediate responses to health care facilities that require professional advice on issues or products while removes limitations of time and distance between users.

While in video calling mode users can be viewed in full screen or be minimised to allow for users to continue browsing. Files can also be shared from the individual’s device and camera roll. The smartphone apps were designed to link to the iPad portal, working in a similar manner but were designed for representatives of suppliers. Only HIPAA certified approved personnel can access the app. It holds supplier specific content that can be seen in the portal app but also help suppliers improve sales, training and support efforts.

Representatives can customise their supplier information and page appearance to enhance their service and improve the reputation of the supplier. These results can then be monitored through the app through feedback and sale records.


A more accurate catalogue Through our innovative thinking Spot On Surgical was given a complete solution. The simplified navigation and access to the latest information is available and organised easily for users. The use of a digital platform allows for the immediate update of the latest data essential for the ever changing industry of healthcare services making them a top competitor in the market.

Time savings The use of a comprehensive library allows staff to improve their overall performance by providing a resource to upscale their skills. The virtual support allows users to store information more efficiently and can be assessed from any location at anytime.

A reduction in costs The use of a mobile platform has provide SpotOn with cost effective advantages. Travel time for suppliers and health care providers can be dramatically cut through the use of video and audio calling in the Connect feature. The in-depth library has also reduced the time to gather information allowing facilities to solve problems and reduced patient wait times. The source of information provided through the app, which allows users to save content for the future also contributes to the reduction in cost of paper required for medical staff wanting to research and improve their knowledge.