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Smiledealers is an established photo marketing agency in New Zealand that combines social sharing and quality photography to provide businesses a new avenue to engage with customers.

Smiledealers captures content from business events to share on Facebook, Instagram and Email allowing businesses to capitalise on their brands through social media.

The Challenge

Smiledealers needed a solid core suite of photo and video based products for brands to be able to connect with their customer at physical activations.

These products all needed to be incredibly easy for people to onboard new events and needed to plug into one core backend to power everything.

Nick (the owner of Smiledealers) had come to the right place.


Over the years we have worked with Smiledealers on a range of projects, the three main enterprise apps being: BrandCam, Brandeo and InstaSmile.

Brandcam was the first which later became a core part of the business. The iPad app creates customised frames for each event to display event messages and brand imagery. A branded frame is automatically added on top of photos when taken. Integration to Facebook is included to make it easy for guests to log in and share it straight away.

Brandeo extends from BrandCam by incorporating video and picture sequences together. Users can utilise a slow motion effect and merge content together to create GIF style videos to share with their friends on Facebook as well as Youtube. Branding is situated in the beginning and at end of the video as well the inclusion of a brand themed soundtrack allows for brand messages to be sent across audiences.

InstaSmile is the latest addition to Smiledealers enterprise apps. InstaSmile was designed to search through Instagram data via hashtags. It searches for certain events to gather a full view of all photos taken at the event and calculates the potential reach of those photos for Smiledealers clients.

To further generate a positive word of mouth by guests the InstaSmile app allows photos to be printed in various page sizes and layouts.

Photos can be specifically chosen or automatic printing of all photos under certain hashtags can be selected. Each event is given an ID and customised frame with brand imagery that can be reviewed on the app under event history. This allows for the location of each clients promotional material to be easily identified alongside the associated photos and videos for each event.


Innovation awards Smiledealers has been recognised nationally at the Innovators Awards as finalists for Marketing Innovation and New Zealand’s Emerging Innovators.

Increased brand reach Brands that have utilised the Smiledealers products have seen huge reach about particular campaigns and in turn boosted revenue through using the service.

Greater engagement Smiledealers operations allows brands to reach an audience through unique original content. Each app has been designed to support flexible creative in order to stay relevant.