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The Seafarers Club is a high end building located in downtown Auckland. It hosts a range of inner-city workshops, hospitality and entertainment events throughout the year. Members to the club can utilise all its services free of charge and has a large amount of people coming and going throughout the day.

The Challenge

As a newly established entity, Seafarers were searching for an innovative way to differentiate themselves from other clubs and establishments both in New Zealand and around the globe, as well as find a way to connect and learn more about their members.

This led Seafarers to ourselves who suggested the use of the latest iBeacon technology and creation of their very own app to complement the VIP nature of the club and engage their members.

Goals for the project were:

  • To simplify event discovery & reservation booking. With only the use of their website to book events and make reservations, Seafarers required another method for members to conveniently access and view upcoming events that they could also book in real time.
  • To create a non-intrusive way to learn about their members in terms of their basic information as well as preferences in relation to events, visiting times and locations within the venue to customise their services and measure their success.
  • To remove friction caused by traditional payment methods Seafarers wanted a cashless mobile payment system for membership subscriptions, events, food and drink purchases.


We provided the solution by leveraging Roam’s existing cloud based iBeacon and proximity platform called Dropin.

Complete with new functionality for events and reservations this system was then used to drive the web booking portal for a seamless transition between events ordered online and event reservations on the member’s mobile app.

This pure API driven backend provides a number of enhancements over traditional web platforms by allowing unified access from any device, whether it is a browser or a mobile app.

Additionally, two native iBeacon enabled apps for both iOS and Android were created that allowed members to pay for their club subscriptions, review and reserve tickets to events and settle their bill. The user’s app detects our Droplets (Roam’s iBeacon devices) located throughout the Seafarers building via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to greet and farewell members as they enter and exit the building as well as give them the opportunity to review and pay their bar tab in real time.

Notification reminders on events and reservations booked beforehand are also sent to members as they approach the venue. This was done by organising the droplets to various zones among the Seafarers building and configuring them with customised rules for the layout. This allows Seafarers to control when members are alerted and what messages will be sent to them. By integrating with Wizbang’s Point of Sale (POS) software and DPS payment gateways, contactless payments was enabled for the members through the app removing the need for traditional payments.

Upon entry our droplets are detected and the system issues members their very own unique tab number for that visit. With the mention of the tab number members are free to order throughout the club and settle the bill by a push of a button on the app that connects to their registered credit card. For added ease, members may also leave Seafarers being automatically charged later which is signalled through detection of their exit by the droplets. Receipts are then automatically sent for any payment that is processed.

The Dropin dashboard then links it all together providing Seafarers a unified view to manage their mobile app customer base, the signup flow, alerts and the iBeacon network. Full details on the payments made through the tab system, visits, heat maps and additional analytics are also available. Additionally, Dropin also integrates into Mailchimp and Mandrill for automatic receipts, reminders and notifications all the while running on highly scalable Amazon Web Services technology.


Gold Pin at the Best Design Awards Shortly after its release in 2015 the Seafarer’s experience was 1 of the 2 finalists that were honoured with the Gold Award for Interactive Design. This recognition not only showcases our expertise in visual design but also for user experience and functionality – cementing ourselves as one of the leaders in our field here in New Zealand.

Operational visibility and cost savings With Dropin collecting various sets of data from both the app and droplets (iBeacons), informative insights and trends can be tracked and monitored.

Prior to this there was no way to retrieve such data including information on peak visiting times, hot spots within the venue and attendance records for events.

As a result operational visibility has improved with features and analytics being easily summarised and displayed through the dashboard.

The application process has also been completely automated - all applicants details are now loaded on to Dropin when they apply, removing the previous email based system.

This has significantly improved the overall visibility of its members status and contact information which can easily located and retrieved from the dashboard.

By condensing all of this information into an easily read system Seafarers operations have become more efficient leading to multiple savings not only in time but also costs.

Competitive advantage Being acknowledged as a private members club that focuses on innovation Seafarers has created a competitive advantage from other clubs it associates with across the world. Seafarers can now be recognised to be operating at a competitive level both in New Zealand and abroad.