Expense claims in a jiffy.



What we did

UX and Visual Design

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Paymark are the switch in which over 70% of all transactions at terminal in New Zealand travel through. They also design and build payment products like Eftpos / Online Eftpos and more recently their Insights product.

The Challenge

Creating expense claims for small to medium businesses is time consuming.

No one has the energy to sit down and submit their claims back to their business each month and often there is no definitive process in order to achieve this so data ends up confused and questions around claims are asked.

There was an opportunity for Paymark to reduce friction in this space and leverage the might of their payment switch in order to do so.


Xero has a large reach in New Zealand for business so they were the obvious choice to partner up with here on the product. With this combination it meant that we could take a transaction from a particular card and turn that into an expense claim from within Xero.

Our designs meant that a person could seperate their personal and business cards and then submit claims against those cards to their business. Upon a transaction at a terminal the user would get a push notification to then go into the transaction and submit it against an account within Xero.

If you had submitted an expense claim at a merchant before then that would be remembered for next time meaning those client drinks at your favourite bar would instantly prepopulate against entertainment within Xero.