Lebara Moments

Stay in touch with friends and family.



What we did

UX and Visual Design



Lebara has been recognised as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. With operations across eight countries Lebara’s purpose has been to deliver affordable and accessible international messaging to migrant communities.

The Challenge

Predominantly these communities in Europe are managing their Lebara account through top up cards purchased with cash at local stores. The challenge was to help shift this behaviour and provide a mobile tool to make it easy for them to connect with their loved ones and the Lebara brand.

Some of the core initiatives were as followed:

  • To increase the top up on accounts from these communities in a virtual environment
  • To learn more about the migrant communities interests and behaviours
  • To give Lebara brand a more considerate and thoughtful edge
  • To provide low cost but quality messaging and calling for migrants


At its core The Moments app focusses on the tight knit bonds that these people have with their family and friends. It offered gifting of credit and content within these circles and helped subtlety remind those using it to stay in touch with each-other.

Within the app users were able to create public moments to share with family. Here they could share text / location / audio / video and upload media to personalise these moments. Socially the users were able to share quick connection moments like hugs and kisses to then spark a longer conversation through messaging or a call.

Through a landscape orientation shift at any point during browsing the user could see a quick snapshot of their family members alongside any relevant information (birthdays etc) and recent moments.

Before a call or a message a user could see any recent moments or reminders to help spark conversation.