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The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) consisting of the Army, Navy, and Air Force work together to protect our country, its resources, and its interests through an intelligent and fit workforce. To maintain this high standard, fitness tests have become an essential component determining the acceptance of new recruits.

The Challenge

The NZDF was continuing to observe an increase in interest by younger members of the public wanting to join the force. However they noticed many of these candidates were struggling with their physical fitness and failing to pass the initial fitness tests.

With the NZDF being recognised as one of the fittest organisation in New Zealand they acknowledged the country as a whole was experiencing difficulty in staying healthy and getting fit. As a result they saw an opportunity to target both of these issues and help improve fitness levels of recruits and the public.


The Force Fit app is divided into a six week regime making it a convenient, timely and innovative way for users to prepare, train, test and track themselves against Defence Force standards.

The app encompasses exercise routines practiced and recommended by NZDF’s own recruits as well as incorporating extra tips, videos and tracking abilities for users to review their progress.

By combining techniques from the three divisions a standard guideline for exercises was produced along with Army, Navy and Air Force specific tests catering to each individual language and style to prepare candidates for all divisions.

Our simple design allows users to fluidly navigate to areas of interest. Activities are split by days which are viewed by scrolling up or down and weeks traversed by swiping left or right. To further add ease each exercise is provided with pictorial examples and tutorial videos along with advice on appropriate stretches and activities that should be followed.

To deliver a personalised experience we designed the app to suit to a range of people and physical abilities. Users create their own profile by entering their name, height and weight which is used to calculate their own BMI and recommended daily water take to be taken throughout the duration of the program.

Users can then chose from Beginner or Advanced levels which were included to target the app to all members of the public with varying fitness levels.


Award winning. The Force Fit app was successful in winning at the 2015 Axis Awards. It picked up awards for Interface & Navigation, User Experience and Mobile. Shortly after its release Force Fit was also recognised as New Zealand’s most popular health and fitness download on the App Store.

An increase in brand awareness and new recruits. The NZDF experienced a massive increase in successful candidates completing entry level fitness tests and a huge bump in engagement with their brand. Greater task completion and user retention occurred which the NZDF was not able to achieve solely via their previous PDF resources.