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We have always been excited about creating experiences that seamlessly connect a digital and a physical world in order to help people. The Dropin platform was a byproduct of this ambition.

The Challenge

We have had considerable experience with iOT and marrying clever hardware with beautiful software. Chris (our founder) has an embedded electronics background and worked at Sony Ericsson in Silicon Valley for many years. This means that he can hold a very in-depth conversation around capability and limitations in regards to hardware and with our architects is able to identify what we can get out of it during software design and ideation.

As a company we had always talked about building a platform that unlocked experiences related to a persons location within a building. This framework needed to deliver a more personalized and engaging experience to an audience as they moved within a physical space and in turn help maximize brand value during that facetime.


As a platform we wanted to build this to allow our customers to leverage proximity for certain opportunities as they saw fit. This meant that the platform had to be designed in a modular manner so that we could consume these services if we chose too.

We selected the iBeacon initiative for our proximity detection. This is a bluetooth powered technology that wakes up iPhone and Android devices when they enter into range of an iBeacon.

We began by creating our own iBeacons which we called Droplets. We did this to make sure we knew the inner workings of iBeacon and then expanded the platform at a later date to accomodate any iBeacon device that a customer may be wanting to install. Dropin was now iBeacon agnostic.

Built upon our in-house backend Sauce, the Dropin framework had to be built to consume. Some of the services that the platform supports are: payments, events, loyalty, ticketing, wayfinding, messaging and custom CRM integration.

This meant that for each of our clients projects we start with a production ready platform and can concentrate on applying proximity awareness in a unique and meaningful way.

For a business admin to monitor the platform we built backend dashboards to help visualise foot traffic, payments and activity within locations. As an admin you are also able to easily create and manage locations within the organisation that you belong and manage your network of beacons.

We also added the additional wayfinding service to help a user with zone by zone instructions to move within a large building / warehouse.


Initially we saw Dropin gain traction in Hospitality to help streamline a payment flow but have started to see increased demand for the the service in a number of different industries including Health & Fitness, Shopping, Medical and Logistics.