Angus the Irritable Bull

An unusual tale of friendship on the farm.


Angus the Irritable Bull

What we did

Mobile Apps



Watermark, are a collective of creatives with studios located in Auckland, Wellington and in Australia in Sydney and Melbourne. They have been long term players in the commercial art industry producing works across the last 25 years for clients both locally and abroad.

The Opportunity

To find a new way to add interactivity to their projects Watermark worked with us to produce their first interactive mobile story book ‘Angus the Irritable Bull’.

An opportunity existed for them to position themselves not only as excellent creates, but also a team with knowledgeable technical expertise and a leader in digital books.

This would help them differentiate from other artists and help shape their skills to have a focus on digital products.


Angus the Irritable Bull is an iPad app that has incorporated stunning illustrations and app designs to allow users to interact with the story and its characters, ultimately bringing the story to life.

Using Unity as the platform we produced a cross platform solution allowing Android versions of the storybook app to be a possibility for the future


App store success Angus the Irritable Bull received international success ranking #19 on the U.S. app charts as well as featuring twice within the Book apps category for Children & Teens. Locally Angus reached similar success ranking as #6 on the New Zealand charts and achieved a 4.5 and 5.0 star rating on the New Zealand and Australian app stores respectively.

Bronze at the Best Design Awards Angus the Irritable received a volume of attention upon its release which still continues today from new positive reviews and steady downloads. Angus received the Bronze award at the Best Design Awards for Interactive Design. This award takes into account the visual features of the app as well as the complete user experience and is an excellent example of intelligent design.