A Dogs Story

Helping children understand a man's best friend.



What we did

Mobile Apps



Pedigree are a company that are super passionate around their customers. It just so happens that their customers are dogs.

They spend all their time and effort to help make the world a better place for dogs to live in.

We are also massive fans of our four legged friends and were very excited about teaming up with our friends at Watermark and Colenso BBDO to help out.

The Challenge

Children and dogs are a great mix. Together they form a special bond and help make a home a very loving and special place to live. Unfortunately thats not always the case.

In New Zealand there are over 9,900 dog bites a year, with the most likely victims being children aged 5-9. Over 75% of these incidents happen in the home environment, with a dog that is known to the child.

A lot of these incidents happen due to a lack of education around dog safety. However it's the dog that is often blamed and in most cases put down.

We set out to show children how they should approach strange dogs and read some of the signs to suggest that dogs may be irritated or scared.


We begin our story by being introduced to our main character (a little boy) and his dog. The boy loses his ball over a fence and the dog runs away to find it. The mission begins - find the ball and the dog.

Along the way the character finds themselves in a number of scenarios with different dogs and their owners.

They then need to navigate their way through these scenarios in which they learn to determine moods of dogs from their body language and are taught the best way to approach a dog to pat it.

The game itself has a rich aesthetic. Set in an imaginary world we see ourselves interact with Yeti’s, Trees, Navaho indians and Rubber duckies to name a few.

At the end of the game the boy finally finds his dog and ball but must answer the 5 questions around dogs correctly to be able to head home.


Gold and Bronze at the Best Awards This application won a Gold at the New Zealand best awards in the Applications category and Bronze in the Public good and Design Craft categories.

Cannes Lions Awards This application was shortlisted at the Cannes lions awards in europe for Mobile and Digital Craft.